The Fictional American Football League is a "Fantasy" football League. TEAM MANAGERS ARE NEEDED. To make a team, simply write the following on a page and tell this to Gronkism.

Team Name:

Team City:

Team Mascot:

Team Colors:

Team Focus (Pass Offense, Run Offense, 4-3 Defence, 3-4 Defence, Balanced):

Two Players you want on your team:


Stadium Name:

Remaining Money:

Salary Cap, Signing PlayersEdit

There is a salary cap of $140 Million per season. If you go over, you lose a draft pick the next year. When You become a team, you may choose two players to be on your team.

How To Make A PlayerEdit

Players should be balanced. They should have a flaw and there should be some bad players. Also, they should be paid depending on how good they are. The Limit per year for one player is $20 Million.

Player Name:

Player Position:


Player Skills:

Player Flaws:

40 Yard Dash Time:





Current Team:

List Of TeamsEdit

  • Bermuda Tridents